Mediation Fact Sheet:  

With a skilled mediator and a bit of co-operation from the couple involved, mediation has some key benefits over using a traditional family lawyer:

  • It can be quicker. No letters going back and forth (and costing you a packet) – you can talk face to face with the support of the mediator.  Mediation usually lasts for between two and five sessions, each of about an hour and a half.  However, the time it takes depends on how complicated the issues are.


  • Children benefit. If their parents are resolving any issues relating to the divorce or break up by searching for solutions together, this has got to be better than firing off demands spurred on by the family lawyer, who may well have your best interests at heart but what about the long term implications, and the effects on the kids?  Getting divorced is like giving birth – the focus is often on the actual event rather than the years that will follow.


  • Less stress. Solicitors letters can often feel threatening when you are not used to legal language, and going to court is a very stressful and usual unpleasant experience.  The mediation process allows you to avoid all that. Cost – it’s usually cheaper.  Time in mediation is usually charged at much less than time with a lawyer, and that’s even without needing to go to court.  You can also choose how much you do yourself (providing necessary financial information for example) or bring in other professionals if you need them (financial planners, divorce coaches) – depending on your budget.  People going through mediation often feel that they have more control over the costs and also the process itself.


  • The Government wants you to use mediation.  If you are not able to resolve your divorce or break up without getting professional help, then the Government doesn’t want you blocking up the courts so they now encourage all couples to at least find out about mediation – via a MIAMS (Mediation Information Assessment Meeting) – before they are happy for you to go to court over any divorce related issues.


  • You will be told that in cases of domestic abuse, that mediation is not appropriate.  What you might not be told, is that you could use Shuttle Mediation (where you sit in separate rooms but in the same building) or if that is not appropriate, then Online Mediation is also an option.


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