Laying strong foundations for healthy co-parenting through divorce and separation and way into the future

Suzy Miller is the UK’s unique ‘Alternative Divorce Guide’, Public Speaker and Trainer, featured on Radio 4 Women’s Hour, the Daily Mail and C5’s The Vanessa Show.

For parents who don't live together any more

Not Broken - just Extended 

Through CoParenting in a Box, I provide a wealth of videos, free content and complimentary 1-1 discovery sessions with experts in law, finance, wellbeing and parenting - to help with the inevitable challenges facing parents who don't live together any more.

  • How to avoid conflict with your Ex - be a successful co-parent
  • How to protect your kids - clever ways to be a healthy extended family
  • Videos - Shared Stories - 1-1 Advice from our Experts

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  • Learn direct from experts in law, finance, wellbeing and parenting
  • Avoid the pitfalls that so many parents fall into
  • Let your family become a healthy blended/extended family


Listen to experts in law, finance and wellbeing talk via videos on the subjects that affect most parents when dealing with divorce or separation.

CoParenting in a Box - no-one has a 'broken family'

You have an 'extended family'

  • How to find the answers to key questions: Do I need to use a lawyer? What do I tell the kids? What will it cost?
  • How to protect your kids from the toxic effects of a divorce-turned-nasty - or avoid it turning nasty
  • Includes a wealth of specially created videos and interviews with top experts in law, finance, wellbeing and parenting.
  • Don't let one angry parent ruin your parenting experience – top tips on how to 'step out of the ring'
  • Kids are resilient so they'll be fine – or will they? Ensure you kids don't become victims of your breakup

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Have you wondered how parenting experts and parenting classes can help your family after separation?  How to tell children about divorce? Ways to negotiate no fault divorce, spousal maintenance, and how most children deal with a parent's divorce?

How to gain practical information on single parent benefits and co parenting, and how to get guidance on avoiding the divorce court, the cost of divorce, family mediation, divorce proceedings, and collaborative divorce and arbitration?

Access to experts and resources to explain about the divorce petition, how to download form e, who to talk to and when - it is all available through CoParenting in a Box.


A taster of the wide range of experts you can get access to...

It's not just about talking to lawyers.....

Make sure you talk to the 'right kind' of lawyers.....

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Congratulations to Suzy Miller on the launch of her Co-Parenting In A Box program. I highly recommend this excellent resource created for any family coping with the challenges of divorce.”
Rosalind Sedacca, CLC
Founder, Child-Centered Divorce Network
  • Key resources for co-parenting during divorce and separation
  • What do I do first if we are splitting up? How do I tell the kids?
  • What if my Ex and I are not talking?
  • How do I deal with the parenting and emotional fallout?
  • Who will offer complimentary tasters so I can find out who can help our family to be strong despite living in different homes?

"Wow you are an amazing resource Suzy!!  Thank you so much!"

Louise 2014


"Hi Suzy, thank you for all the help.... you have given me some good options so I'm forever grateful."

Danniel 2014


Don't let your children suffer through divorce and separation


Videos, Articles and Audio recordings

Includes PDF CoParenting in a Box

DOWNLOAD of key information and resources

Includes videos of experts in law, finance and wellbeing


Includes complimentary tasters with experts in counselling, coaching and healing



Pack 1: Stress. Custody Battles and Parental Alienation

Keeping your head straight

What is parental alienation?

Expert advice from wellbeing experts 




Pack 2: Best Options, Harsh Truths, and is Going to Court a good choice?

Why going to Court rarely makes sense

Your best options on how to divorce/separate

Some harsh truths





Pack 3: Keeping Control, Parental Rights and Essential Resources

Doing your homework

What are parental rights and how do we ‘share’ the children?

Essential parenting resources – people and products




Pack 4: Dealing with Conflict, Creating an Extended Family and “Changing your Mind”

Dealing with conflict

Key co-parenting resources and creating an extended family

Changing ‘your mind’ to find peace