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On The Battlefield Of Family Separation,

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For full TEDxAinleyTopWomen Talk see TEDx Suzy Miller.

It was so easy talking to you and at last now I can move forward from this very abusive and toxic marriage with confidence and clarity.

Thank you for your course and consultation information and links it all sounds very encouraging and incredibly supportive.

“In the past week I have had a call with both Henry (one of the Best Way To Divorce Team) and Suzy (Miller – Divorce Strategist) and I wanted to highlight how much wonderful information and advice both of them have given me. Each is a mine of information and it makes me feels so much more empowered going into my divorce.

If you haven’t spoken to either of them yet, please do! We know how much of a minefield it can seem, so to have someone supporting you and remaining calm and helping you to see the bigger picture, is invaluable.” 


Suzy Miller Divorce Strategist ™


Providing a clear map of how to navigate a more peaceful divorce –


even if your spouse/partner is a very difficult person to deal with (!)

I am Suzy Miller – Divorce Strategist™️, Public Speaker and Trainer, featured on Radio 4 Women’s Hour, the Daily Mail and C5’s The Vanessa Show, and creater of the UK’s 1st Divorce Fairs.

I have been a TEDx Speaker, and work internationally helping divorcing families to evolve from ‘broken families’ into ‘extended families’ by showing them how to avoid costly court battles and to use Peace as their Weapon of Choice™️.

For full TEDxAinleyTopWomen Talk see TEDx Suzy Miller.

What matters isn’t the fact that I’ve been invited to do a TEDx on peaceful divorce.

Nor that I’ve collaborated with the UK Ministry Of Justice in promoting dispute resolution.

Nor that I run regular Divorce Financial Workshops and inspire parents to access the Peace Tool Box and save people thousands on legal bills.

What matters is that I’ve experienced a family separation and had to deal with my own pain, shame and rage. I’ve got the t-shirt. And trust me – it’s lovely on the other side of all that.

Come and join me.

Talking to Suzy about my divorce process has totally transformed how I view my path ahead.  Suzy helped me see this as not just an admin process but a chance to build the future I want for myself and my young children. 

I came away from our meeting with a logical plan of how I could tackle the process one step at a time rather than just trying to leap to an end goal. I absolutely loved how for every worry I had, Suzy had an expert I could talk to.  The Secret Divorce Club is also a great resource and a wonderful community to be a part of.  I’ll be forever grateful to Suzy for this positive starting block and for providing the valuable resources to take me through my journey.


Suzy is simply the best! An absolute Earth Angel, who purely just wants to give you all her fantastic knowledge and contacts to take the pain out of let’s face it a very life changing experience! I have longed to try and find a better approach to resolving my separation and divorce, and Suzy gave me all the answers I needed in just 1 hour! I have spent hours of my time trying to find out what it is I am meant to do to help protect myself, and my family. Finally someone who understands that the only way to resolve challenges is not through hate, but through the eyes of love and wisdom…for you cannot do anything constructive for you, or your family if you are over emotional, and in a place of hurt and pain.
Suzy, I simply love what you have created! AMAZING WOMAN!!


Suzy came up with a strategy to get through it without spending a fortune. She introduced me to some brilliant people who were all focussed on finding an amicable way through the difficult minefield that is divorce.  

She also introduced me to people who could help me with the personal impacts. It’s still a grim journey but I now feel I have a plan and a support network to draw on.”  V.C.

Why Does Peaceful Divorce Matter?


Thank you Suzy Miller for an

inspirational talk


““Just when everything is crashing and collapsing she can calmly show you the green shoots of change amongst the pain of your broken dreams. She shows you your action now, while using her step by step guide can drastically reduce the fear that stops us starting that next new chapter of our life.”  A.E.

The Full Journey


The Complete Divorce Strategy – Five Sessions


Session 1: Prep the Voyage – Initial Strategy – create your map to navigate the divorce process (available as a 1-off single session for £450)



Session 2: Free the Anchor – Take Control – creating emotional, psychological and co-parenting resilience



Session 3: Hoist the MainSail – the Divorce Tool Kit – saving thousands and losing the fear around the finances



Session 4: Set the Compass – Create your bespoke ‘travel guide’ for your own divorce



Session 5: Available for a later date for whenever you need it.



The Complete Divorce Strategy – Five Sessions: – £1,900



“The amount you pay now will give you a plan and the support you crave. A person there who has experienced the challenge of separation herself – has created a program to help you emotionally as well as practically rise to the massive challenge you face. The amount you pay now for the cynics among you….might save you £10,000 in legal fees down the line if you don’t.” AE 


Session 1: Prep the Voyage - Initial Strategy - create your map to navigate the divorce process (available as a 1-off single session for £450)

  • 45 min 1-1 Session online phone/skype/zoom
  • Divorce Organiser (retails £58 on Amazon)
  • Full Report of the session as a pdf
  • Personal introductions to the experts you need (for free no obligation discovery sessions)
  • Free one month access to Secret Divorce Group

Investment (as a one-off session): £450

Suzy Miller: Divorce Strategist™️

Thanks again for your divorce strategizing help Suzy…I love all the information you provide on your pages for the nitty gritty of the divorce process, and for me this self-care kind of stuff lends an element of excitement and positivity to This Next Chapter. ”  EY

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Face ongoing battles over kids and / or money

“Suzy was able to offer really important and comforting advice on the whole process and offer positive alternatives to help guide me through this stressful time. Her contact list is extensive and she was able to put me in touch with a many great people who were also able to offer guidance and make the process much less painless. I’m really glad I met her and feel like my journey through this difficult period has been much more positive because of it”  KM


CoParenting in a Box provides a wealth of videos, free content and complimentary 1-1 discovery sessions with experts in law, finance, wellbeing and parenting – to help with the inevitable challenges facing parents who don’t live together any more.

Living Together

No marriage certificate? You need a Living Together Agreement!

“Almost a third of people wrongly believe that couples who live together have the same financial rights as married couples”

Create a Living Together Life Plan to create a sense of security for your family and strengthen your relationship (and sleep better at night).

Thank you for your wise words Suzy and You are absolutely right, I need to continue with this from a place of love in my heart and not from a place of fear or hate, which is what I promote to others in my line of work. THANK YOU again, I asked the Universe for help and you appeared.”  MM

Are you a professional

Who wants to support families through divorce and family separation ?


You feel it is time to promote dispute resolution properly.


You want to help people who are dealing with the divorce and family change


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CoParenting in a Box

For parents who don’t live together any more

Not Broken – Just Extended 

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Free Living Together Template

Create security for your family

Strengthen your relationship

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Talk to our experts on the Alternative Divorce Directory

Move through divorce and stay out of court with the help of our team of experts offering generous no-obligation conversations.

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Divorce Online MasterClass

A Guide For The Divorce Journey


Video Series on DIY Divorce

Free infographic, downloadable forms and videos on how to keep it peaceful

divorce strategy

A Divorce Strategy Discovery Session

Consultation 1-1 Zoom or by phone

Is Amicable Divorce Possible?

Suzy Miller presents her talk on whether Amicable Divorce is truly possible.....

I have created a way to reduce family conflict in divorce and separation through free resources.


Having free access to the information about avoiding a nasty divorce – info that in some countries lawyers are not legally required to share (and which reduces the need for their services) – reduces in turn stress and triggers for mental illness (the suicide rate potential more than doubles for Divorcing people – children self harm etc) and the financial effects can be devastating.

Therefore presenteeism, absenteeism and staff turnover increase, harming the employer of those individuals whose divorce started off amicable and yet ‘somehow’ went awry.

My resources are free to the employees and the employer, easily delivered via email or added to a webpage or social media platform, and one of my resources (coparenting in a box) is currently shared in the UK by employee wellness company Perkbox.

I’m looking for outlets to share my Best Way To Divorce and CoParenting In A Box free resources as part of my personal mission to steer as many families away from the cliff edge of an adversarial divorce as I possibly can

The reason I can offer these resources at no cost (and people shouldn’t have to pay to discover peaceful options and strategies open to them) is because a very few of those accessing the resources also then opt for additional resources or divorce strategy sessions, which helps cover the costs of maintaining and developing the resources, including a free Facebook support group and a non-Facebook support and free membership group also.

The issues behind a nasty divorce are the same in the UK and the US, and many other countries.  A lack of more peaceful options properly explained and a lack of access to free no/obligation consultations with a wide holistic range of experts. It is my intention to continue to fill that information gap wherever the toxic-nature of the traditional family law system calls for redress.

Suzy Miller

Divorce Strategist

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or simply ask a question…..

If you need to talk to me direct, you can phone on 07525 059 634 but I would advise you to set a time via email first please.

For divorce/separation related consultations I request a FULLY REFUNDABLE deposit of £250 + vat.

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Guest Speaker at She Created Her Life event, Shoreditch, April 2018

Guest Speaker at Wellbeing Business Networking, Sevenoaks, April 2018


Thank you so much Suzy Miller for

such a wonderful informative and

insightful talk.


I actually got goosbumps

when you spoke


Who I am


Divorce Strategist and Public Speaker

Through my own experience of family break up, of not having any legal protection (no living together agreement), and watching my married friends get divorced and the misery and cost and conflict that came about, I felt a need to share what I have learned.

I created live events to help families to be more resilient; a Directory of Experts focused on non-adversarial ways to divorce (mediation, collaborative law – all keeping people out of court); and a way to create a Living Together Life Plan and Agreement so those who don’t marry will not end up in the situation I found myself in.

And as a Divorce Strategist - your Alternative Divorce Guide - I am always happy to guide people towards the right person to talk to at the right time, and offer them a wealth of resources through my online CoParenting in a Box and other key resources.

What do we think of us

"Wow you are an amazing resource Suzy!!

I liked the way things are set out. I like the information, it makes sense. And it is supportive

Thank you so much!"


"Hi suzy, thank you for all the help in your email… I have to say your reply was by far the best as regards to help and information…

Thanks again, you have given me some good options so I’m forever grateful,



"As well as getting new clients, to date I have found several contributors for my book and I have also won a corporate coaching contract.

In my experience, the benefits of being one of the featured experts are far-reaching and long term and I can thoroughly recommend this way of collaborating."


The Single Mums’ Survival Guide

Feel Free to Contact Me


If you need to talk to me direct, you can phone on 07525 059 634 but I would advise you to set a time via email first please.  For divorce/separation related consultations I request a FULLY REFUNDABLE deposit of £250 + vat – there is no obligation to purchase my Self-Managed Divorce System.