Coming to the end of a relationship and realizing that you aren’t going to be with that person anymore can be tough – especially if you’ve been with them for so long. You can go through all the emotions in the world. You’ll be sad, angry, full of self-doubt, and a wide range of other feelings. Sometimes, things just aren’t meant to be – it ran its course, and it’s now time to move on. The moving on part can be difficult for those involved, however. The idea of living a single life, after living so long as a team, can be worrying. It’s like venturing into the unknown once again after being so comfortable with the previous lifestyle.


If you’re newly single after a big breakup or divorce, then you might not know how to behave or how to take back control of your life. That’s okay, and it’s completely normal. Thankfully, we can all do it – and here are a few ways of doing so:


Spend Time With Your Close Ones 


The chances are that you’ve lost the person you consider to be your closest companion. That doesn’t mean you’ve lost everything, though – even though it may feel like it. You’ll have friends and family that want to be around you. Heck, they’ll be happy you have more free time to spend with them! They’ll be able to talk you through a lot and give you the perspective you need. 


Do Things For Yourself For A While 


This is something you should already be doing in life, but relationships often make us feel as though we should be compromising a little more than is necessary. Once you’re single and starting anew, you should literally get out and be a little more selfish. You now have the chance to live life simply for yourself (before you meet somebody), so make sure you’re doing what YOU want. 


Exercise Your New-Found Freedom 


This is similar to the previous point in that it’s all about doing what you want with the freedom you now have—a relationship sort of ties you to a particular situation. You’re not trapped or shackled, but you live life as a duo and don’t get to do everything you’d like to. So, now you can. Head on vacation, hop on and grab yourself that pair of designer specs you’ve wanted for a while, go to that event that your previous partner said was boring. Seriously, it’s all on you now. 


Understand Just How Many People Are Around 


One of the best ways of getting over the person before and taking back control of the situation is to recognize that they don’t have to be the be-all and end-all regarding every single instance. They were before because your lives revolved around each other to an extent. Life doesn’t circle around them anymore, though, and there are millions of potential candidates all lined up ready to impress you now. The time you had before may have been special, but a new era is underway. The old cliché goes like this: if you love the wrong person that much, then just think about how much you can love the right person! Think about it. 




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