Designing a home that you are going to live out the rest of your life in may seem like a daunting task. It has to be utterly perfect if you’re going to live there forever, right? It doesn’t have to be such a big responsibility on your shoulders, and you can take your time in getting to the end result. You have the rest of your life to get it right, after all.

If you need some inspiration for designing your peaceful new home, then look no further than these tips!


1. Think About the Future

When you are designing a home forever, you need to think about the future, and this includes when you are older and have less mobility. Spiralling staircases may look magnificent, but they will be difficult to use once you get older. There are other fixtures like door handles that also become harder to use as you lose your strength; remember to consider these things when you buy fittings and fixtures.

Opt for more practical choices that will still allow you full accessibility as you age.


2. Choose Relaxing Features

When you are younger, everything is all about excitement and getting a rush from things, but as you get older, you will prefer a calmer and quieter environment, which is why you should choose features you’ll appreciate even then.

A pond out in the garden is the perfect relaxing water feature; AquaMax filter pumps will keep the water clean and healthy and you can relax to the calming sound of the water. Head to Water Garden and peruse their selection of pumps and filters.


3. Make it Full of Memories

Family, friends and good times are what make a house a home. When designing your forever home, remember to include space for photographs in your décor. A canvas photograph of you and your loved ones makes a wonderful centrepiece for any living room.

Having photographs around like this will make the whole environment more peaceful and feel like home.


4. Prioritise Comfort

While style is important for a contemporary home, for a forever home, you may want to choose home comforts over the latest trends in home decoration. A sofa that feels like a cloud to sink into will be much more loved than one that looks the part but is rather uncomfortable to sit in.


5. Budget for the Future

Everyone changes their mind over time, and you may find that, 10 or 20 years down the line, the home you thought was perfect isn’t so much anymore. If you decide you want to renovate and update your house again, you will need to have some budget left over from your previous redesign.

When designing now, you should consider any changes you might want to make in the future. Tastes and needs change, and your forever home might need some adjustments! A peaceful forever home is achievable and everchanging. Be prepared to change your mind about your home as you get older, but also remember to put in the right foundations.



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