Thank you Henry Elliston of Efficient Porfolio for sharing so much great information and common sense, and Julia Chi Taylor for vibrating our Chakras!

Divorce is an emotionally demanding time, but it has massive implications on your finances too. At Efficient Portfolio we help people to clarify their situations and equip them with the tools to build a new, successful future built around their individual goals.

Suddenly planning your finances as an individual demands a new strategy to ensure you don’t run out of money in the future. You also need to ensure that your financial plan is not derailed if something unexpected happens. Whether your concerns centre on reorganising your finances now, establishing a new financial plan for the future or making sure your plan adapts overtime in line with an ever changing future, we can help.

The prestigious Chartered title is the Financial Services Industry’s gold standard. It is only awarded to firms who can satisfy a rigorous qualification process and show a commitment to continual professional development. Only firms who are committed to the Chartered Institute’s Code of Ethics are able to achieve the coveted Chartered title.


People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan. We want to ensure you don’t.

Just because you are divorcing or your family is ‘changing form’ – doesn’t mean you don’t all

have a bright future ahead.

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