If you and your spouse are no longer a happy couple, and you both spend more time arguing with and shouting at each other than not, a divorce might seem like the right decision to make.

Divorce isn’t something you should take lightly, of course, as it’s a big decision and one that requires a lot of careful consideration from both parties. Before you decide to file for a divorce, it’s worth bearing in mind the following points:


1. Reconciliation Is Possible

Before you call a solicitor or search online for an online divorce, it’s possible to call off the entire process and reconcile with your spouse. Sometimes, the realisation of divorce is enough to make people reflect on their lives and behaviour towards their spouses.

It can give those individuals a chance to work out where their partnership went work and agree to steps to get back on track once again.

2. There’s Rarely a “Quickie” Divorce

The only time a divorce is simple and straightforward is when there are no children or assets involved, both parties agree to the divorce with no contest, and both parties are willing to do what it takes to get divorced quickly.

For the vast majority of cases, divorces require deliberation from both sides (or rather, from their solicitors).

3. Divorce Feels Like Death to Some People

Getting divorced is seldom a cause for celebration, despite what you might see portrayed in movies or the media. Divorce is a final step, much like death, and can be a very emotional process for both individuals.

It can feel like you must mourn the loss of your now ex-spouse and their family. Plus, it can hurt that their family will likely stand by them – even if they did something wrong in the marriage that resulted in the divorce.

4. There’s No User Manual for Divorces

You can’t read a user manual or go on a training course for divorce. It’s an era of a person’s life where they have little to no idea on how they’re supposed to act, feel, or survive. It’s very rare when a divorce is a cold and emotionless decision for both parties involved.

In some respects, it’s a bit like going through the first death of a loved one. You feel somewhat empty inside and just go through the motions while watching how the world still carries on despite what you’re going through.

5. Divorce Isn’t Shameful

The sad truth is that, in some cultures, people get made to feel like they are putting shame on their families because they want a divorce. As you can imagine, that adds a whole layer of guilt, stress and anxiety on people.

Getting or wanting a divorce isn’t shameful. If people object to you wanting a divorce, that’s their problem – not yours.

6. Things Can Sometimes Get Ugly

Another fact about divorce is that proceedings can sometimes get ugly with your ex. You might both assume from the outset that things will go fairly smoothly and that you should both leave matters in the hands of your solicitors.

But that isn’t always the case.












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