Self-care is very much the expression of the moment. Looking after yourself physically is not quite enough. With self-care you’re encompassing a whole range of ideas, from learning to say no to invites and work that you can’t accommodate to finding time in your day to just be still and quiet. 

While self-care certainly does incorporate diet and exercise and promote a healthy lifestyle, it goes further in encouraging balance and stillness in life.

For someone going through a rough patch in their lives, self-care is more important than ever. So whether you’re experiencing a bereavement, divorce or illness, take a look at our tips for looking after you.

Self-care Isn’t Selfish

Firstly, you’re going to need to dispel the myth that looking after yourself is a selfish act. Finding coping strategies that are healthy and useful have a positive impact on everyone around you. If you are responsible for young children then being a happier parent is positive for all the family and will help them through the situation alongside you.

There is another myth that needs to be dispelled too and that’s that self-care is about luxury treats. Taking care of your mind and body is not about buying up GIA certified diamonds or booking into luxury health spas but instead finding ways of combating stress and anxiety. 

From Traditional Methods

These are very often some of the best. Meditation, mindfulness techniques and breathing exercises are all extremely helpful in helping you find some calm and peace when you feel like you might be sinking into anxiety, stress and depression.

Carving out some time in your day to take a walk and get some fresh air will allow you to take pause and evaluate aspects of your life in a calmer environment.

To The More Modern

Life coaching is certainly an area that’s well worth visiting. If you’re finding it hard to tie all the aspects of your life together and are struggling to find balance then talking to a Life Coach can be a great investment. They are not therapists or counsellors but instead will help give you the tools to start making decisions that can transform your life from chaos to finding some kind of order.

Stress, anxiety and depression can all crop up in life when you’re going through hard situations. Finding techniques to help you cope are vital if you are to come out the other side relatively intact. 

Too many people opt to sabotage their wellbeing by using alcohol or drugs to cope but ultimately all this will do is add to your burden and lead to you making foolish, unhelpful decisions. As tempting as it is to lose yourself to oblivion, tackling your problems head on is always the best option.

You deserve some peace so explore how self-care can help you find your best path through the hardest times of your life with some techniques to soothe your mind and body. You’ll come out the other side grateful that you put your needs first.



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