Staying in a marriage that isn’t working is hard on everyone involved. Even more so when you have children. Many people stick to the old theory that it is better to stay together until the children are grown before starting new and separate lives apart from each other. 

However, a negative marriage and subsequent breakdown of that marriage is even harder on the children, especially considering this is happening in real-time around them in a place where they are supposed to feel safe and secure. 

Do You Know if Your Marriage is Over?

In most cases, if you are confident that your marriage has ended and you are contemplating divorce or separation, choosing to start this process sooner rather than later can positively impact the children, especially if you are open and honest with them about what is happening. 

But is divorce the right option for you? You can only answer that, and if you are thinking about it, it is most definitely an option you need to consider. 

Choosing mediation or couples therapy can help you reach your marriage’s right decision if you are going through troubled times. Spokane Law Group Los Angeles has handled many divorce cases over the years. As a result, they have put together an interesting infographic on why people get divorced and how many marriages end in divorce. It is important to have all the right information to hand to help you assess your situation and make the right decision for your family’s future. 

Infographic Created By Spodek Law Group Los Angeles













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