Divorce is never an easy process. The logistical and emotional issues ensure that it will be a difficult time for all parties involved. Moreover, the fact you’ve probably never done it before makes it all the more challenging. If you want to make the process a little easier from an emotional and practical perspective, staying organized is key.

So how can you take charge of the situation? Follow these five golden rules and you’ll be just fine.

Don’t Forget To Live

While the divorce is likely to consume a large portion of your life, you must not let it rule you. Embracing the idea of self-care rather than self-sabotage is vital. Essentially, you need to make time to love yourself and also enjoy being around friends and family. Appreciating that there are still plenty of positive things happening in your life will make the divorce far less stressful. This in itself will enable you to stay organized throughout the process ahead.

Maintain Regular Contact With Your Lawyer

Finding a trustworthy and reliable attorney is one thing, but staying in contact is another altogether. Regular communication will give you the best chance of keeping on top of all tasks while also knowing what to expect. The communication doesn’t have to take place in person. With a PDF editor for Mac, you can even annotate documents and send them back to get confirmation of things you’re unsure about. When combined with messaging Apps and video chat too, staying in touch could not be simpler.

Become A Smart Smartphone User

Managing your schedule will play a huge role in keeping on top of the situation, and your smartphone is the way to do it. By syncing your calendar across all devices, you’ll never miss a key meeting or deadline for paperwork. Likewise, the instant access to your calendar will make a huge difference when speaking to your employer about time off. Setting up email notifications is another step in the right direction. Essentially, when you become a smart smartphone user, you’ll have organization in your pocket.

Make A List Of All Changes

If either you or your ex-spouse leaves the property, there will be a lot of companies that need to be told about the move. When it’s you, changing addresses on bank accounts and vehicle documents is crucial. Similarly, you’ll need to inform energy suppliers and other companies about the move. When it’s your ex-partner that leaves, removing them from the joint documents may unlock reduced property taxes too. Either way, you should compose a checklist to stay on top of the situation at all times.

Avoid Rash Decisions

You will inevitably be tempted to throw everything away of sentimental value, but calm down. Organizing your finances is tough when the two-income home become a single-income one. Even if you do decide to get rid of items, selling them will be far better as the funds raised can go towards replacements. In truth, many of the sentimental goods can still be cherished later on. You just need time to heal. Besides, if you’re spending time trying to replace the goods you’ve lost, you won’t be able to concentrate on the divorce.


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