Spending time with kids post-divorce can be more exciting than trips to burger restaurants. How about a shared passion for a sport?


There is just nothing like the electricity and atmosphere of applauding and cheering on your favorite sports team in an awesome venue. The atmosphere will be almost electrifying and will make you fall in love with the sport even more than you already did – and encourage a life long interest from your kids.


If you have much-loved soccer, rugby, hockey, baseball, or basketball team or whatever other sport you might be into, you might want to back them up in a multitude of fun and unique ways. To help you do this, here are a few ways that you can show your support for your favorite sports team.


Get creative with team colors


If you are an avid supporter, you probably already feel immense pride in wearing your team’s shirt or jersey to games and matches. However, this is not the only way of showing your support. For instance, you can show your devotion by getting creative with body paint, handmade signs, or costumes.


For example, some seriously passionate fans will sometimes paint their body from head to toe with body paint in their team’s associated colors. You will no doubt have the spotlight on you at a game and get everyone talking, but if you do not mind being the center of attention, why not give it a go and follow in their footsteps. There will be no doubting that you are a true fan then!


Learn about the traditions


Only true sports fans will know the traditions and culture of every team and will actively engage in them during a big game. For instance, they will sing their hearts out to the team anthem, they will know every lyric to every fan song that they sing before, after, or during a big game, and they might even know the dance moves to match. They will know all the chants. Learning and engaging in rituals will not only show that you are a dedicated fan, but will encourage you to feel part of a large group. 


One example of this is the New Zealand haka. The New Zealand soccer and rugby teams quite often perform a haka before a big match. This is a ceremonial challenge or dance from Maori culture, commonly associated with the traditional battle preparations of male warriors. In 1888, the New Zealand Native Football team started doing them before a match, and the tradition has carried on ever since.


Put your knowledge to the test


Think you know everything about the sport or your favorite team? Why not put your skills and knowledge to the test?


No real supporter would ever entertain the thought of placing bets against his or her favorite team, but their expert knowledge can also help them to guess the flow of the game. If you always want to back up your team and test your knowledge, you could bet on your prediction. You could also have fun trying to work out your early predictions for the 2020 NHL Draft or who the new signings for the next season might be for your favorite soccer team. 


Buy the team merchandise


One of the easiest ways to prove your allegiance to a team is by buying their merchandise. Most sports fans have the jersey or shirt for their team, but you can also show your loyalty by mounting the team flag on your car, buying branded coffee mugs or water bottles for work, or hanging a framed and signed shirt or jersey in your man or woman cave at home! 


Not only does this show your support, but it increases the revenue for your favorite team, so you are helping them out as well! 


Join a fantasy soccer league


A fantasy soccer league is a great way to embrace your love for the sport and showcase your skills. Of course, it is only logical to add your favorite players to your dream team. You will then have two reasons to cheer them on during the game. Hardcore fans are always willing to back up the best players on their side to achieve fantasy league glory.


Buy a season ticket


A season ticket is so much more than a ticket to a game. It is a long-term commitment, showing that you are prepared to give up almost every Saturday or Sunday for the length of a season to go and show support to your favorite team. In many cases, season tickets entitle you to the very best seats, sneak previews of new kits, and plenty of other benefits that every seasoned supporter wants – and needs!


Camp out for tickets


You are going to feel a part of a close-knit group while camping out for tickets with like-minded fans. Only the most serious of fans are prepared to brave the elements to guarantee the admission to even if it means pitching up to one of the big games, even that means pitching up a tent or taking along a deck chair to queue for hours – or, in some cases, days!


Support them, even when things may not be going to plan


Every team in every type of sport is going to have their share of fair-weather supporters. These are the people who will support the club only when they win but will not be seen for dust when they face the possibility of the bottom of the league. Not every club will finish in the top four, and every team will experience winning and losing seasons, but the club will only ever be as strong as its fan base. Do not support a club when they are on a winning streak if you can’t support them when they are on a losing one.


These are just a few of the ways that you can show that you are a true sports fan. Have you got any fun and unique ways of displaying your passion for a game?



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