Did you know that giving an even number of flowers to a Russian is considered offensive? This is because an even number is only used for flowers at a funeral.

In fact, flowers have their own language in just about any part of the world. If you’re thinking about giving flowers as a gift, then you must make sure that you’re sending the right message.

Are you wondering where to begin? Keep reading to learn all about the 3 dos and don’ts of giving flowers to a girl you like.


  1. Don’t Send Them to a Public Address

When it comes to giving flowers, it’s always best to send them to an address that’s private rather than public. For instance, if you send flowers to them while they are at work or in class, then this can be embarrassing to an introverted girl. In addition, it could make them the focus of gossip.


  1. Do Provide a Card

If you’re a boy giving a girl flowers, don’t forget to include a thoughtful card. While flowers are beautiful by themselves, a card can really send your message home. If you still want to be anonymous, you can sign your card with “your secret admirer.”


  1. Don’t Send Flowers With Thorns

Before giving flowers to a girl, you should make sure that every last thorn has been removed from the flowers. No one wants to have a thorny relationship, and the same is true of the flowers you use to show affection. Plus, the last thing you want is for the girl to prick her finger while holding the bouquet.


  1. Do Be Spontaneous

While it’s always a great idea to send these flowers on Valentine’s Day, you can surprise a girl even more by sending flowers on a random day. They’ll feel even more special when they weren’t expecting it.


  1. Don’t Be Too Forward

If you’re giving flowers to a female friend, you want to avoid being too pushy with your feelings. It might be better to play it safe and send a single, meaningful red rose. However, orange roses mean desire while yellow roses mean friendship.

You could even try white roses, which are associated with young love.


  1. Do Be Original

While everyone knows red roses mean love, you can make a girl feel extra special by sending her a bouquet that’s more original. For instance, if you know her favorite color, then opt for that instead of red.


Giving Flowers to a Girl You Like Is Easy

Now that you’ve learned all about the 3 dos and don’ts of giving flowers to a girl you like, you can make sure that you send the perfect message. This one meaningful gesture could be the start of a beautiful relationship that lasts a lifetime.

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