Having managed to keep the family home in your divorce, or bought a new home, you then need to maintain it. One of the quickest ways to give a property a face-lift, and also reduce heat loss and keep your heating bills down, is to put in new windows.

If you are currently thinking about installing new windows in your home, then you will want to give some thought to what the best materials for these windows are going to be.

The windows that you decide to go for will be a part of your home for many years to come, so it is important that you are totally happy and content with your decision. This applies to both the appearance of the windows and also how functional they are.

Choosing New Windows

There are several different points to consider when you are choosing new windows.

You will need to think about the style of windows that you want, as well as which type of operating mechanism you enjoy the most. In addition to these considerations, you will want to give some thought to the cost of your windows and what material the frames are going to be made of. You may find that your budget dictates your options, so be sure you know exactly how much you can spend before you start making the big decisions.

The Importance of Insulation

The windows that provide the very best insulation are usually on the more expensive end of the scale.

Although the initial cost can be more, the best-insulated windows will save you money in the long run as they will help to retain heat in your home, thereby keeping your energy bills down. Therefore, it is important that you choose windows that are going to insulate your home well.

The Best Materials for Windows

The most popular materials for window frames are:

  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Metal
  • Fiberglass

Read on for a closer look at each of these popular window frame materials.


When you are looking for wooden windows for sale, it is a good idea to go for high-quality wood. Wood is naturally insulating, so choosing window frames made from wood will be a sensible option.

You always have the option to paint your new wooden window frames in any color that you want, making this a popular option for those who love to have creative freedom in their home.


Vinyl window frames will generally be cheaper than wooden options. Frames made from this material should never crack or peel and will also not bend or warp with the weather.

Vinyl is an incredibly versatile material and can be used to create a range of different window styles.


Choosing metal window frames is a great way to give your home a stylish appearance. Metal frames look especially attractive when paired with a brick exterior or gray rendered walls.

Metal is quite a low-maintenance material. Therefore, using metal for your window frames helps you to avoid the maintenance requirements of other materials.


Fiberglass windows are known to be very durable and eco-friendly. It is a good choice for those who want to update their windows once and then not have to revisit this area of home maintenance for many years to come. Fiberglass is incredibly lightweight and strong, which means it will easily be able to withstand different weather conditions, even in some of the most extreme cases.












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