It is an understatement to say divorce is tough.


When ending the relationship you have been in for a long while (or even a short while), you will understandably experience a range of emotions, including sadness, anger, and fear. The whole process can be destabilizing, and it’s made worse when you have a family to care for and legal battles to face. 


Of course, you do have support. Your divorce lawyers will fight your case if complications with the divorce arise, and your extended family should be there for you too. Then there are your friends, many of whom will be all too willing to help you. As we discussed here, that human contact with people who have a positive influence on you can be invaluable, especially when you’re feeling a rush of negative emotions. 


So, don’t underestimate the support your friends can give you. 


When they invite you out, accept the offer. This is better than you sitting indoors, dwelling on your broken relationship, and letting your mind become overwhelmed with stress. A night on the town or a day out somewhere nice can give you respite from your worries. The distraction your friends can give you can be a positive one, as you will have people to talk to and laugh with. And let’s face it, when the pressures of divorce proceedings get on top of you, you will be needing that time away from your own thoughts for a while.


When they offer practical support, take it. Your friends might offer to cook you a meal. They might look after your children for a few hours. And they might help you pack if you need to move house. These are just a few aspects of practical support your friends might give you, so don’t turn them down. You see, there will be times when you might feel defeated by the things you have to do when preparing for your new life. Your to-do list might seem insurmountable, especially when you lack the energy to get through it. So, don’t assume you have to do everything yourself. Your friends can help, so ask them if they don’t come forward, and let them help if they offer it.


When they offer you a listening ear, talk to them. Don’t hide your feelings from the people who care for you. And don’t keep all of your worries and fears to yourself. By doing so, you might only start to experience problems with your mental health, including anxiety, stress, and depression. So, don’t be afraid to open up to the people who care for you. They might not know what to say to you, but the fact that they are there to listen can help a lot. A problem shared is a problem halved, or so the saying goes, and knowing that there are people who are aware of what you are going through can help you a lot. Talking can also help you vent your emotions, and that is safer than keeping them bottled up inside. 


Surround yourself with your friends then, and draw on their support. A true friend will be glad to help, so don’t face the turmoils of divorce alone. With the help of the people closest to you, you will get through this difficult time.





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