Three steps to carry out before you divorce

Divorce can be one of the most stressful experiences of anybody’s life. You might be eager to get it completed as soon as possible, but it’s important you don’t rush this important process. With that in mind, here are three important steps you should complete before starting divorce proceedings.

Seek legal advice

If the divorce is amicable, you might not be worried about your rights. You might presume that you and your partner will be able to act fairly and come to an agreement that you’re both happy with. Whilst that might be your intention, it might not necessarily be the intention of your other half. If they’re eager not to get lawyers and solicitors involved in the divorce, you might think that they’re trying to simplify the process for you. In fact, it could be that they know they’re in line to get a much better settlement than they deserve because you are unaware of your legal rights.

Legal representation might seem expensive, but it could save you a lot in the long run if they help you secure more money or assets, like your home, your car, or even your shared belongings, in any financial settlement. If you’re unsure about how beneficial they might be for the cost, find a firm that will give you a free consultation before you hand over any money. For example, Jordans Solicitors are family solicitors who offer a free 30-minute call or meeting before you sign a contract with them. This will allow you to discuss your case with someone who will know the exact steps you can take to make sure you come out of the divorce in the best situation possible.

Think about who you need to inform

Before you start divorce proceedings, it’s important that you think about who you need to let know that you are separating. This list can be a lot longer than you’d think. For example, you’d need to let any companies know that you have a joint account with. This could include anything from a bank account, credit card, or even a shared shopping account.

As well as businesses, it’s important to think about which members of your friends and family you need to let know and in what order. It could be massively distressing if somebody finds out about the divorce through someone else accidentally presuming they knew. If you have children with your partner, they are the first people you should let know. Other than you and your partner, it will have the biggest change in their lives, and they will need the most time to get used to the idea.

Stay organised

As well as making a list of people to tell, it’s important to stay organised throughout the whole process. Set up a binder to keep any physical documents in and create a special folder in your emails for any important digital documents. Also, keep a diary of any appointments and note down what was discussed and agreed on each date.




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