A separation or divorce can be tough on all parties involved. However, when you’re able to get to a point where everyone is amicable, you can create an ecosystem that is just as healthy as that of a traditional home. However, the journey of getting to a good place mentally and emotionally often requires persistence, patience, and determination. This is especially true when the parties involved are still hurt and angry. If your goal is to co-parent in the healthiest way possible, below are some tips that could help you do that.

Think About the Why

To begin with, understanding why you want to achieve peaceful co-parenting is very important. This is because without understanding why you need to do so, on tough days it can be easy to give up. Some ideal reasons you may want to get to the point of peaceful co-parenting is to ensure the kids are still able to grow up in a happy and healthy environment. You may also want to do for the sake of your personal wellbeing.


Spend Time Together


Once you’re able to understand the ‘why’ of peaceful co-parenting, you can move onto spending more time together. It’s crucial that you give your kids a sense of stability which having family days may be able to help. Allocate certain days to spending time to doing an activity with one another that everyone will feel comfortable with. Below are a few ideas of things you could do during quality time.


  • Go for a Meal: Food is usually one of the best ways to bond as a family. Choose a favourite restaurant and take that time out to talk. You can catch up on how the kids are adapting to their new lives as well as how they’re feeling. Meal times can have positive effects on mental health, and help maintain regularity for your kids.


  • Watch a Game: Another quality time suggestion is to go and watch a sports game together. It’s a chance to create a new memory as well as show the kids that you can still have fun together even though your family structure has changed. Basketball can be a great sport to watch, so take a look at TicketSales.com and see whether you can find affordable tickets.


Communicate Often


Communicating effectively is where separated parents sometimes tend to struggle, but effective communication is essential if you want a healthy co-parenting relationship. In light of this, find ways to communicate often enough about things that matter. Although you don’t have to be best friends, you should be able to conversate about things that concern your kids and their wellbeing. Over time, some partners are even able to develop a good friendship.


Forgive and Move On


Although much easier said than done, forgiving and moving on is a significant part of peaceful co-parenting. However, forgiving isn’t always easy especially when you find that you’re deeply hurt. To help you forgive,  try managing the anger you feel, being okay with never getting an apology and understanding forgiveness is beneficial to your wellbeing.


Some people decide to take the bold step of getting individual or family counselling so a professional can help them through their healing process.


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