Needless to say, the process of getting divorced is rarely free of hassle. There are often complex issues that need to be worked out when you have joint assets that must be divided, or there are children and custody battles involved. In such divorces, the involvement of a lawyer is necessary to ensure you and your children are treated fairly, and to minimise the financial and emotional damage that you may suffer as a consequence of the split with the help of dispute resolution.

With the help of expert, professional legal advice, you can avoid an unpleasant situation escalating further. In some cases, lawyers can even arrange for both parties to take a settlement without either of them having to approach the court by encouraging both parties to use mediation or collaborative law. Therefore, having a lawyer can actually lower the costs of divorce, minimise your losses and save you the emotional distress and frustration of a long legal battle, when you access Dispute Resolution options. 

This way divorcing couples can avoid court battles which can be expensive, time consuming and stressful.












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