A tear falls

A tear falls

One tear falls.


Trembling, it rolled across his cheek then

down the bare downy shoulders of the babe

Clutched close in his arms.

As he passed the child back to the mother

The tear slid onto her hands and she flung it away

It flew

And hit upon the shaggy coat of a passing dog

Who shook his pelt of gold and the tear

Sailed into the air, caught by the wing of a passing sparrow,

Who swooped and dived and ruffled his grey feathers and

The tear fell into the gutter travelling through the city sewers

And finally out to sea.


For ten years it bobbed within the salty ocean until it was sucked up

By the clouds

And carried to a small town where it fell down upon the golden head

of a boy.

It rolled onto his face and the boy wiped it away and stared

For a moment

At the trembling drop between his fingers,

And incomprehensibly


Why his father went away.

One tear







Where has he gone?  Where is he?



Parts of the same wind

Separate the air into compartments

This gust is lilac and pine

That gust is hay and horse

Another flurry brings a whiff of tobacco


Passing through crowds of particles that tickle our olfactory senses

Everything re-mingling

Recycled, replenished, renewed


Our bodies are cloud bursts of aromas

Carried upon the same wind

Gusts and blustering give us our identity


But try to separate each for the other?


Appearing.  Disappearing.  Our particles indestructible.


Where are you?  Where have you gone?



Who are we who move between the realms

Where even atoms cannot follow?

And what we leave, remains, not gone.


In the breeze, particles infused with memory scents

That sunset amongst the pines where lilacs bloomed

The stables close by

An old man with a pipe

For that moment on the wind

You are found.




Suzy Miller  2016