CoParenting in a Box™ – a gift to parents from law firms committed to a better way to divorce

Isn’t it about time that your firm offered some ‘added benefits’ to potential clients in the form of invaluable resources to help them to co-parent more effectively?


When an individual or a couple visit a law firm, the most valuable resource they can be given is CoParenting in a Box™ – a gift to parents from those law firms committed to a better way to divorce.


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It is standard marketing practice to provide complimentary tasters/gifts to build trust and confidence in new potential clients, or to keep existing clients feeling as if their family really matters to that law firm.  People like to feel cared for.  They also need key resources that can be made simple and clear and leave a lasting impression of being valued – and feeling valued is something that many divorcing or separating couples would particularly appreciate.


Although the online resources for UK parents will shortly be available via pdf download from CoParenting in a Box™,  with many clients approaching law firms, what they will really want is something they can hold in their hands, that contains – in addition to guidance to where they can access key parenting resources – £100s of vouchers for complimentary taster sessions with a wide range of financial and wellbeing experts (all pre-approved by the law firm, of course!).  They want something that will guide and navigate them through the next few years and beyond, through introductions to a holistic support network, and key information that will encourage them to adopt a more peaceful approach to their divorce.







In each Box will be the following:


Voucher cards (business card size) from:

  • the family law firm who want the couple to return/continue with their services
  • the resource card with some of the key gifts awaiting the couple when they go to the download page (eg. selected e-books, audio podcasts, videos – including ideally video interviews with members of the law firm)
  • aproximately 8 experts in their field offering no obligation consultations (all agreed in advance by the law firm and to include financial, wellbeing and parenting advice)


Eg. of voucher card in Parenting in a Box™

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 16.33.27Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 16.26.27


Green paper

Rounded corners

Matte finish







The premium version of the Box – examples below (10x8cm and 18x14cm respectively) will include a space for the child/childrens’ photo to be added to the top of the box.


















The budget version will be a ‘treasure chest’ – smaller (9x6cm) but able to hold the voucher cards.











Subject to which box size is used, suggested additions to the boxes include:

  • small piece of chocolate (nurturing/feel good factor)
  • other vouchers with discounts/free offers eg. membership of a parenting online diary to organise co-parenting activities
  • small photo album to keep a record of photos of child spending time with both parents (individually)
  • small pack of thank you cards for the parents to pass messages/notes thanking the other parent for the child/children having enjoyed being with them



What are the costs?


Using the more expensive (and best) options – the slightly larger boxes where the child/childrens’ photo can be added by the parents – an order of 100 of these valuable gifts to your chosen prospective clients, will cost from £20 per potential client.

A total of £2,000 + vat for 100 Boxes (depending on choice of design) complete with £100s worth of vouchers, promotion of the law firm’s own dispute resolution professionals, and access to a slate of fantastic resources for UK parents in the CoParenting in a Box™ downloadable resource pack.

The small box would reduce the cost by at least £300 per 100 Boxes ordered.


What will be some of the benefits to the law firm?

  • Prospective clients will become paying clients – how many other law firms offer such a tangible way to support parents through divorce?

  • Direct promotion of in-house mediators and collaborative lawyers at a very early stage of a client’s involvement with the firm (when core information about the benefits of a non-adversarial divorce need to be reinforced)

  • Clients are empowered to access (at no cost to them OR TO THE FIRM) taster sessions/consultations with a holistic (pre-approved) selection of key professionals in finance and wellbeing – which will contribute greatly to a healthier divorce outcome for the parents and the children

  • These Boxes would make an excellent ‘gift’ to local companies who have executives requiring divorce support – each Box will contain key information about that law firm and be a gift from them (less time consuming than running a surgery and more private for the employees concerned!)

  • Press interest (if desired) would be a likely outcome

  • Opportunity for live events for prospective and existing client-base – CoParenting seminars – to add value to prospective client experience and also re-engage previous clients who want to access the downloadable resource (no charge to the firm or the clients) and who may need further services from the firm (eg. Wills, Cohabitation Agreements etc)

  • Bespoke follow-on email campaign to increase confidence in the law firm’s expertise (videos/articles – optional additional service – see


Whether your firm includes mediators or collaborative lawyers, or refers clients to mediators if needed and would like to be pro-active in getting key parenting-focused information to couples who are in the early stages of divorce – then CoParenting in a Box™ is a lovely way to acheive those aims.



Please contact if you would like to discuss your bespoke order

Or ring Suzy Miller (The Alternative Divorce Guide) on 07525 059 634



Click HERE to see a universal version of the online resource – links to this included in the Box (your firm’s details would be added to the pack and follow on email resources)






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