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Divorce Strategy Discovery Call v2


"Discover How Smart Parents Avoid Expensive & Traumatic Divorce And Learn The Secrets To Separating With Financial Independence And Successful Co-Parenting!"

"Do You Want To Have A Divorce That Saves You Over £65,000 So You Can Keep That For The Kids... AND Learn How To Stay Sane And Look Forward To Your Future Despite Your Divorce?"

Divorce Strategist: Suzy Miller

Is Going To Show You...

  • Why you should make a financial plan for the long term & save loads of money in the short term
  • How to know which experts you need to speak to, and when
  • How to create a Parenting Plan that will work
  • What are your legal rights and how do you use them wisely
  • How to stay out of court and save a fortune - what are your options?
  •  How to stay sane and keep your mind and psychological state at it's peak
  • How to turn a 'broken' family into an 'Extended' family and do right by your kids

Legal Options You May Not Have Considered (yet!)

Health & Wellness: What You Need To Know

What some Lawyers Don't Tell You About the Financial Support Available 

Parenting Experts And Where You Can Access Them