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Break up financially – CoParent together

Want to reduce the toxic effects of divorce on your kids?
Use the Alternative Divorce Guide to create your own map
for navigating divorce & family breakup


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“Everyone should contact you as their first port of call

if they are even considering divorce”


What the divorce lawyers don’t tell you:


GreenTickspend less on lawyers & leave more for the kids

GreenTickwho to talk to – and when

GreenTickpersonal introductions to experts you want to meet

GreenTickreassurance & support when you need it most


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Must-do’s for successfully keeping your
divorce away from adversarial lawyers

1: Save money on lawyers fees

2: How NOT to use the chidren as weapons

3: Feeling hope for the future

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Just so we know…..


AloneYou are not alone:

  • Divorce & family breakup is an emotional & psychological journey, more than a legal & financial one. Did you know that even though swans usually mate for life, sometimes they still ‘divorce’?

    What you feel will directly effect how you act: your pain, anger, fear or sense of hopelessness is all quite natural:


Less Money on Lawyers:

  • less_money

    If you want to know who is the right person to talk to, at the right time, then our Divorce Organiser will help you to navigate to a better place without wasting money on services you don’t need. We help you make the right decisions, save money, and protect your family.

    When is it best to use a mediator or a collaborative lawyer, for example? Your money is better spent on university fees for your kids than on adversarial lawyers fees:

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  • cont_pixParents to be Proud of:

    No-one wants their kids to be used as weapons in an adversarial divorce – yet so many families fall into that trap.

    Your children can grow up as happy as everyone else’s kids – despite the divorce:

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"I consider myself to be a capable woman in day-to-day life. However, filing for divorce has knocked me sideways and I had been going around and round in circles trying to make sense of it all. So many unanswered questions; should we use lawyers? Do they cost the earth? How do we stop things from getting nasty? How do we protect our child during this process? How do we agree the financials? What should we consider first? How do we recover as friends after this? Why does it have to be this way? 


Then I happened to come across your website and your philosophy gave me new hope. I contacted you via email and then called you. You took the time to listen and you calmly walked me through the various steps and followed this up with introductions to the various experts that could help guide and support us as a family through this heartbreaking process. I know it won't be easy, but once I'd finished our phone call, I felt much lighter. I believe there is light at the end of the tunnel. This needn't be a bitter, twisted and spiteful divorce. We will come out of this process alive and well.  


Everyone should contact you as their first port of call if they are even considering divorce. It needn't be a process that spits you both out at the end as enemies, destined to hate each other for eternity. There is another way.


Thank you Suzy."





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with Alternative Divorce Guide Suzy Miller when you register here…..

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Why other people find the Alternative Divorce Guide really useful:


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    “I can honestly say it is my lifeline, and has been for the last three weeks…”


    test_pic2“Loving the box – thank you so much!

    I’m on the cusp of picking up the phone to arrange some life-coaching which I would never have felt confident to do before…”  Sarah



  • test_pic3“I liked the way things are set out. I like the information – it makes sense. And it is supportive…”



A range of products to help you

– Spend less on lawyers & leave more for the kids

– Who to talk to – and when

– Personal introductions to experts you want to meet

– Reassurance & support when you need it most

Information is power, and knowing the real choices available can be life-changing for the children, because you understanding those choices can lead to reducing the amount of conflict and cost to the family as a whole.

Your family will be as Happy & Healthy as any other – divorce may be the end of one part of your life, but it is of course the beginning of a brand new life.

Here’s the support and personal guidance you need to map your way through the legal, financial & emotional maze of divorce, including:


  • Realistic options available now so you can avoid decisions you’ll later regret
  • Who to talk to first: a lawyer… mediator… financial expert…life coach
  • Advice on breaking up right – so your kids won’t see you fight
  • How to keep adversarial lawyers from taking over your divorce – and your bank account
  • Ways to safeguard your children from emotional and psychological damage
  • Strategies for protecting, supporting and empowering yourself throughout the entire process