Spend Less Money On Lawyers

Spend less money on lawyers

Your money is better spent on university fees for your kids than on adversarial lawyers fees


How do I avoid adversarial lawyers?

Taking responsibility for the journey you are on, being clear on what outcomes you want, and not letting your emotional state be used against your interests, are the key steps to take. It is very easy for anger and emotional pain to make someone an easy target for an adversarial lawyer, promising financial success that disappears in a flurry of lawyers bills, and where even the revenge of winning a court battle turns quickly sour when the true costs – increased bitterness on both sides, damage to the children – poison a future that could have been much healthier, and less expensive. Divorce mediation and collaborative law offer non-adversarial routes through divorce.

How do I make sure we have enough to live on?

Splitting assets means less for both parties – not more – so adjustments to lifestyle will often be required. Working with a financial planner allows even complex pension splitting and shared
properties and investments to be shared in ways that still benefit both the couple. Creating a sustainable financial settlement is easier if you are guided by experts, and able to collaborate with your Ex and take a long-term view. There is no point rushing into what seems a good settlement if you are going to run out of money in ten years time, when there may be ways to stop that from happening.

How do I deal with any debts?

Panic – or sticking your head in the sand – are not strategies I would recommend when it comes to dealing with debt. Decisions should be informed by your long-term financial goals, possibly worked out with the help of a financial planner. There are debt specialists who can provide strategies on how to deal with the debt in ways that will let you see the light at the end of the tunnel. There are many debt consolidation schemes advertised but beware – they may take you out of the frying pan but into the fire. The key is, to choose your experts wisely.

Be in control – know who to trust

Knowing who you need to help you – and when – is important – but then you still need to find
those professionals who you can trust to do a good job. I always encourage people to have a
no-obligation conversation with the experts I introduce them to, so they can fully understand
how that professional can help them with their own particular situation, and also to make sure
that they like them! It is important that you work with people who you feel confident have not
only the right professional skills, but who also are passionate about using those skills to
make a positive difference to the lives of their clients.