What Divorce Lawyers Don’t Tell You

Break up financially – CoParent together



Spend less on lawyers & leave more for the kids

You don’t need a lawyer to carry out all of the services you’ll need. Relevant professionals in finance, for example, often cost less than using a lawyer. The lawyer may not have the same level of expertise in that field – so always find the right person for each job that needs doing.

Who to talk to – and when

Every divorce or separation is different. Knowing which professional can help you and at what stage of the process is important to know. Our Alternative Divorce Organiser – included in the pack – will help you identify step by step which services you actually need, and which specialist to get advice from.


Reassurance & support when you need it most

Particularly in the early stages, when emotions are running high, accessing the right kind of psychological support can make the difference between a divorce being amicable or descending into years of conflict and high costs. Paying attention to your emotional well-being will pay dividends to your children too, as they will be directly affected by your psychological state whether you try to hide it or not.


Personal introductions to experts you want to meet.

Over the years of creating live Starting Over Show events and the Alternative Divorce Guide tool box of resources (nicknamed Divorce in a Box), I can guide people to a holistic network of experts who can support them through different aspects of the separation and divorce process, including parenting and how to start over and move forward into a new life with purpose and hope. These experts are now joining the Alternative Divorce
Experts Directory each month, and the Divorce Organiser you will receive as part of the Alternative Divorce Guide package (it comes in a box!) will direct you to the most relevant experts, many offering free initial consultations.