Will DR vanquish AI ?

Will Dispute Resolution rise to the challenge - and make family law jobs resilient against the invasion of Artificial Intelligence into the world of Law?

How to Keep Working as a Lawyer as Computers Take Over your Job

Why promoting Dispute Resolution will create financial resilience for your practice


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As Artificial Intelligence takes away legal jobs as fast as computers took over from typewriters - what is the vision you have for your family law practice?

  • Only 20.3% of high ranking lawyers in US survey believed that computers will never replace practioners
  • 35% of top brass at 320 law firms believe Artificial Intelligence will replace 1st year legal assistants within 10 years
  • 1st AI lawyer (by IBM) hired 2016 by law firm Baker & Hostetler
Could Dispute Resolution Save the Day?

Having spent several years on the coal face of marketing dispute resolution professionals, I can see that never has there been a time like NOW when the 'alternative' options of family law need to become the mainstream.

Simply because creativity and people skills are the key qualities of dispute resolution professionals - and that's harder for even the most artificial intelligence to mimic.


Is it time for DR practitioners to step up  into the limelight?

How to Make Dispute Resolution Pay

10 Applications of Marketing Sense to make your family law practice resilient to the huge changes facing the industry

Not only do you have an industry that is about to change beyond recognition - but most lawyers have little knowledge on how to promote dispute resolution to the public in cost effective and sustainable ways......

Collaborative Lawyer and Mediator Forrest 'Woody' Mosten makes predictions about non-litigious family law coming soon to a future near you......

I quote from Forrest Mosten in this short and thought-provoking audio-blog

Suzy Miller: Marketing Consultant & Promoter of Dispute Resolution


ILM Diploma in Business and Leadership, a Level 4 NCFE Diploma in Advanced Digital Marketing (Distinction) and qualifications in Social Media and Inclusive Education, and years of experience in promoting Dispute Resolution professionals online and through live events.


10 Virtual Apps you need to make DR profitable

Whether you specialise in Mediation, Collaborative Law or Arbitration, apply these 10 principles and build dispute resolution as a successful and resilient aspect of your family law practice.

Ever wondered how some practitioners can afford to do ONLY dispute resolution?

As a marketing consultant, I've studied the key principles of how to make dispute resolution a financial success - and now it's time to share that.

I believe that dispute resolution will become the mainstream because it will become profitable - when it is marketed correctly.  Most firms barely market it at all, and have no proper framework.

I have created that framework based on universally successful business development and marketing concepts, and adapted it to work specifically for dispute resolution professionals and their firms.

....you have listed out good ideas for promoting collaborative law

"I have read your report - thanks - you have listed out good ideas for promoting collaborative law. I will make the necessary changes."

Nina Pantzaris
Collaborative Practitioner and Solicitor
Red Bar Law

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