Many believe that travelling together can make or break a relationship. Travelling with a partner can indeed reveal a lot, not only about the relationship, but also about the parties involved. If you’re trying to build a stronger relationship, however, planning a trip together and going on an adventure may just be what you need.

When the primary goal is to strengthen your relationship, an adventurous road trip to somewhere new is definitely the kind of trip to take. Here are some tips to help you plan the perfect road trip together.

Go Far and Explore

A road trip is traditionally done from home to a relatively reachable destination; it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re serious about going on an adventure, going on a road trip to somewhere far will add that extra challenge you need to make the trip more memorable. You can, for instance, do a 1,000-mile trip all the way to Edinburgh and spend an entire week exploring different cities together.

Make sure you go into detail when planning the destination and the routes you’ll be taking along the way. While it is a good idea to keep parts of the trip spontaneous, knowing the routes and the cities you’ll be visiting can help make the trip more enjoyable.

Make Sure You (and Your Car) Are Ready

A road trip can be pretty daunting, but it is not a difficult thing to do at all. Of course, you’ll need a valid driving license and a car that’s ready for the journey to begin with. It is even better when the two of you have valid driving licences, since this allows you to take turns and drive different parts of the trip. Practice for that driving theory test and get your license issued before the trip.

Preparing the car is also an easy thing to do. A good tune-up and some basic checks before departing are all you need to make sure car troubles won’t hamper your trip. You can also remove a lot of the commonly-frustrating elements of taking an extended road trip when you drive a car that is in a good shape.

Prepare for Emergencies

Lastly, make sure you have contingencies in place. A lot of things could go wrong during an extended road trip and it is best to know how to deal with the situation when they do go wrong before you set off. Most of the issues you might face along the way, however, are issues you can anticipate in advance.

For example, you may not be able to reach the stops you plan along the way. Install hotel booking apps and update Google Maps or Apple Maps so you can quickly find a place to stay when you have to. Bring a lot of bottled water, an extra spare tyre and extra blankets too.

With careful planning, the two of you will feel so much closer at the end of a road trip. You might face some problems along the way, but you’ll also have a fantastic experience that will undoubtedly strengthen your relationship.