• Want to raise your profile as an expert in supporting people navigating divorce and/or co-parenting?
  • Want to be accessed by over 300,000 UK employees via CoParenting in a Box?
  • Want to be in a resource promoted via 525 directories including those of the Sun, Mirror, Independent, Yell and Touch Local?

CoParenting in a Box will be made available to over 300,000 UK employees

Who will be your fellow experts in CoParenting in a Box and the Alternative Divorce Directory?

CoParenting in a Box has some prestigious partners and their resources are included within the resource

If you are a Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Life Coach, Financial Advisor, Accountant or another relevant wellbeing or financial practitioner, then you qualify to be promoted within CoParenting in a Box through videos and online articles to thousands of UK employees

Attract more divorcing clients authentically and effectively

A simple way to affordably and ethically be accessed by thousands of UK employees

Alternative Divorce Guide Suzy Miller promotes professionals who provide divorce support

  • Enhance your reputation as a therapist, coach or other wellbeing professional
  • Introductions to prospective clients who already understand the benefits of your service
  • Connect with a wider referral network of like-minded professionals
  • Directly access employees through their employee benefit programme

*You will be promoted alongside those family lawyers who practice dispute resolution - mediation, collaborative law and arbitration - as this marketing service is focused on better ways to navigate family separation

"I knew when I registered as a Money Mindset Coach and Financial Educator with the Alternative Divorce and the Living Together Agreement Directories owned and managed by Suzy Miller that it was the right decision.  

In less than a few months, Suzy has already obtained results on social media for me.  I was amazed within a week of posting that my blog was picked up and shared by divorce related organisations/businesses, something I had been unable to achieve previously.  

Suzy has invited me to attend networking events with lawyers and other professionals, allowing me to connect personally with the people who can put me forward to their clients.   

My details have been included in the Financial and Wellbeing pack for family lawyers for them to share with their clients. 

All for a monthly fee that is a fraction of what most businesses pay just for a company to share 3 tweets a day on their behalf - I am getting in front of hundreds of lawyers and their clients.

A highly profitable and effective return on investment for my business! 

Thank you, Suzy!"   

Karen Bashford : Money Mindset Coach and Financial Educator 

Why you need to be using video

"Videos are the best way to engage potential clients and leverage the effectiveness of your website as a marketing tool.  Over 50% of the people who access your website will be using a mobile device - which is another reason why video rather than text is important to include.

All of this is covered within the marketing service I offer, which is complementary to - and helps to enhance - your existing marketing strategy."   Suzy Miller: Alternative Divorce Directory

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Promotion Online Raising your professional profile

Employee resource backed by our prestigious partners

More people knowing you can help them to divorce in a better way

  • Your video interviews are widely shared via social media, online blog articles and directly to thousands of UK employees
  • This profile-raising lead-generating marketing service will cost you less than the minimum recommended budget for google adwords - and will put you in front of more potential customers
  • If you would like video interviews with you to be shared widely on social media and in the unique online resource CoParenting in a Box, which is to be shared with over 300,000 UK employees as part of their employment assistance programme, then you have come to the right place.

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See What Our Respected Clients Have to Say

"I appreciate that Suzy provides a well balanced online and off-line support. I think she found the winning combination of online presence, networking opportunities and personal introductions.  This month alone:

I got 1-1 practical marketing support

My online articles were getting circulated to my audience much more extensively than I could do alone.

I attended networking events and training organised by family consultants that otherwise I would have not known about or would not have access to.

Suzy introduced me to a range of ideal cross referral partners and I have begun to build healthy professional relationships with them much more quickly than if I was to simply connect with them via Linked In.

Suzy introduced me via email directly to potential clients.

Suzy is very quick to respond to my emails!

I was featured in the Alternative Divorce Newsletter sent to over 2,000 professionals.

Running my own practice can feel lonely at times. Since I joined Alternative Divorce Directory I feel like I am part of the multidisciplinary team of practitioners working towards the same goal: supporting families at every stage of divorce. "

Una Archer
Una Archer Child Psychotherapist and expert on the Alternative Divorce Directory

“As well as getting new clients, to date I have found several contributors for my book and I have also won a corporate coaching contract.

In my experience, the benefits of being one of the featured experts are far-reaching and long term and I can thoroughly recommend this way of collaborating.”

Vivienne Smith
Vivienne Smith The Single Mums’ Survival Guide

“I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with the articles you’ve written about me.  They’ve been noticed and I have new clients as a result.  Thank you so much!”

Debbie  Talalay
Debbie  Talalay Healing For Change

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