How To Have An Amicable Divorce Online Course


Online Course: “How To Have An Amicable Divorce”



  • Strategies to divorce amicably even when your Ex isn’t ‘playing ball’
  • Save thousands simply by knowing the right experts to talk to at the right times
  • The emotional journey: Divorce First Aid
  • The true costs of divorce: What the Divorce Lawyers Don’t Tell You
  • News skills that are timeless: a recipe to create positive results in family relationships and financial situations
  • How to rebuild co-parenting trust when the romantic relationship is buried in a mountain of betrayal
  • How to become more financially secure (even some lawyers don’t know this stuff)
  • Like how to get your Ex to start to trust you no matter what events may have led up to this separation….
  • And how to strategise a peaceful divorce when you partner is refusing to acknowledge the divorce is happening…..
  • Where to access free initial information and actual 1-1 sessions with top experts in their fields, at no cost…..
  • Looking for a ‘quicker’ way to divorce?  No problem.You’ll save so much time by not taking the ‘wrong fork’ in the road.
  • Feeling emotionally vulnerable – even a bit traumatised?We’ve got the ‘Divorce First Aid’ section which is unique to Alternative Divorce.
  • Want to learn the ‘secret’ to getting a sustainable financial agreement?  No problem, just see the section on finance and you’ll discover what even some lawyers don’t know.


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