Family Law Resilience Workbook for Family Lawyers


Your own dedicated Work Sheet

  • Easy to follow
  • Just fill it in and create your own Family Law Resilience Plan
  • Simply buy and then download the booklet.


It includes a step by step guide to covering the key Ten Applications for making your dispute resolution service a roaring success, and creating a resilient family law practice into the bargain.




10 Virtual Apps you need to make DR profitable

  • Open your eyes to common practices that PREVENT your DR practice from thriving
  • Discover the 10 core applications you need to put into action to make DR work for your firm
  • Predict which DR discipline will create the greatest stability and resilience





Suzy Miller: Marketing Consultant & Promoter of Dispute Resolution

ILM Diploma in Business and Leadership, qualifications in Social Media and Digital Marketing, and years of experience in promoting Dispute Resolution professionals online and through live events.


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