It’s short and it’s essential – so go ahead and do this quick quiz  to prove that you are indeed walking your talk when it comes to promoting dispute resolution.

ONLY MEDIATORS AND COLLABORATIVE LAWYERS are eligible for this quiz (anyone else is going to get a very low score!)  Click here…


michelle camacho Taylor Rose Collaborative Law


“The quiz helped me be more aware that I need to focus on actively promoting my collaborative work on a day to day basis”

Michelle Camacho: Collaborative Practitioner Taylor Rose TTKW




And how will you make it pay?

What is your Intention right now, for how much dispute resolution can be part of your law practice?

Start answering both those questions by completing the quiz – you get your score at the end.

Suzanne Kingston family arbitrator london

“I have done the survey! It was engaging, interesting and easy to do so it would be great to get it used more widely and it’s a great resource….”

Suzanne Kingston: Partner, Solicitor, Mediator & Arbitrator Withers World Wide




Complete the short quiz by clicking here – you get the results straight away!